The End of the FanstRAvaganza

The FanstRAvaganza here at The Squeee has officially ended. Only a week or so ago, but real life has been hectic recently. Have now finally launched the re-vamp of the company website, so at least that's no longer hanging over my head. Having been busy in real life is also why I haven't made as many posts for this FanstRAvaganza as I had planned and wanted to have written. The ones that were posted were mainly done beforehand, or at least started and then just finished off in the week. Still haven't written about Richard and his BMW, for instance, and every time I drive down the A52, I'm reminded of why I want to write it. But anyway, who says you need to save everything for the big event? I need to have some topics to write about in the year leading up to next year's FanstRAvaganza, right? :)

Here's a list of all my F2 posts on the subject of Richard Armitage, in reverse chronological order:

  1. The End of the FanstRAvaganza
  2. Richard Armitage - A Most Charitable Man 
  3. What if Richard Armitage was gay? 
  4. Guy of Gisborne ... at Southwell Minster 
  5. Radio play review: Clarissa (2010)
  6. Richard Armitage - Mr. Sportypants
  7. Richard Armitage and the Arts
  8. Richard Armitage's perfect Saturday afternoon
  9. Eating like Richard Armitage: Salmon with Couscous and tomatoes
  10. What's eating Richard Armitage?
  11. Richard Armitage will never be himself on TV
  12. Richard Armitage - is it love because we can relate?
  13. Let the second annual FanstRAvaganza begin!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to follow the event - knowing how many participants there was this year and how many posts were written, there will probably be people stopping by for another while yet. (I haven't had a chance to catch up with the other blogs yet either!) Thanks to everyone who have commented on the posts as well; the one about if RA is gay or not (or rather, why on earth it's our business either way) is the most commented on ever here. Many thanks also to those who might've just stopped by for F2, but then decided that they'll be coming back in the future as well. I'm humbled and grateful for every single one of you, regardless if you're a follower, commentator or just a lurker! :)

That's it for now. Just thought I'd make a concluding F2 post and thank everyone for participating, whether you are a blog reader or a fellow participant. It's been great fun, and I'm already looking forward to F3 next year. Will we get more fanbloggers aboard with Captain America? We'll have to wait and see.

Thanks again everyone, and keep an eye out - there will be plenty more posts about Richard Armitage in the year to come. After all, who needs an excuse to write about him? It just comes naturally ...

This post is part of FanstRAvaganza 2, a Richard Armitage fanblogging event running 14-21 March 2011. See all FanstRAvaganza posts from this blog.

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  1. Good that you made this list of all your blog posts during FanstRAvaganza. How I could miss some is beyond me, but I indeed did and not only one of them. Now I have to go through them with more leisure than during FanstRAvaganza. I did not miss the 'delicate' question by intent, it was really absolutely involuntary ;o)

  2. CDOart: We've all been really busy writing our own blogs to be able to keep up with all the others during F2 so it's perfectly understandable. :) I still haven't caught up with everyone else yet!

    Jonia: And thank YOU for reading/commenting! :)

  3. Thank you Traxy:) Did you hear news?.Better and better. For now it seems that Richard have no faults.Wonderfull human beeing.:)How not to love him?

  4. Traxy! Thank you for your work and very interesting posts. It was fun to read it and all these comments. I still have in mind: eating like RA (note to self: finally start this diet!) ;) and how much I wanted to RA appeared in TopGear
    P.S. kisses from Poland

  5. I loved all your RA posts, and I really like your new banner. But I have to confess, I don't know who those 2 guys are.

  6. Thomas (dark-haired)is Traxy's husband,Dieter(blond)is my brother:)

  7. @joanna: Thanks for reading/commenting! :) Yes, everything we seem to hear about him just reinforces what a great guy he is! Ahh, if only we could meet him, I'd shake his hand. (And ask him for a hug. I love hugs!)

    @Ania: Thanks for reading/commenting! :) I think some things he's eating is good to try, but microwaved scrambled eggs? I'll stick to my frying pan, thanks! Maybe one day we can see him on Top Gear. Maybe. We can only hope. Kisses from Nottingham! :)

    @Nan: Thanks, glad you like it. :) The theme of the banner is "these a few of my favourite things" but I was a bit rushed toward the end, because I wanted to have it up before going home and it was home time, so I might poke around with it a bit more. There are more favourite things! Majority of people in Britain wouldn't have a clue who they are either, so you're in good company. ;) They're a German pop duo called Modern Talking. Very big 1984-1987, disbanded, reunited 1998, disbanded 2003. Big following in eastern Europe. :)

    @joanna (again): Haha, if only! :D Speaking of hugs, I have actually hugged Thomas Anders. Twice. Ten years ago now, but wow, it was amazing. <3


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