Let the second annual FanstRAvaganza begin!

Hello and welcome to the second annual FanstRAvaganza - a week-long festival of everything to do with Richard Armitage. There are a number of participating bloggers with the most amazing Richard Armitage fanblogs (or, like this one, it's not an RA fanblog per se, just that he happens to be an often recurring topic) - see below - and we'll be discussing a lot of Richard Armitage over the coming week.

If you're here, you've arrived at a blog called The Squeee. It's run by myself (Traxy, hello! *waves*) and is normally a place of film and book reviews and stuff like that, when I'm not busy fangirling over Richard Armitage or Jane Eyre, or a number of other things. My topic for this year is:

An Ordinary Leicestershire Lad

I'm not going to post about Guy of Gisborne, Claude Monet, Harry Kennedy, John Thornton, John Porter, John Standring, John Mulligan, John Bateman, (yeah he has done a crapload of roles where he's been using his dad's name, bless), Lucas North, Ian Macalwain, Thorin Oakenshield, Heinz Kruger, Lee, Philip Durrant, Richard Macduff, Craig Parker, Tom Steele, Alec Track or Ricky Deeming. To name but a few. I'm going to post about the man behind all those roles: Richard Crispin Armitage, from Leicestershire in the East Midlands. An ordinary bloke, yet somehow, he manages to mesmerise us all.

What's up with a guy that can say his bad habits is poking his nose and instead of going "eww!" we instead kind of go "awww, and he has got such a wonderful nose too!" or saying he enjoys pizza and beer in front of the telly watching rugby with the lads and we fall over ourselves over how manly he is. (Personally, I'm wondering if he's a lager drinker or if he prefers ale, and I'm also curious about what's on that pizza!) There are many women out there who have said that they've never been fangirls before, but cue Mr. Armitage and a bunch of middle-aged, well-educated Radio 4 listeners turn into giggling schoolgirls. What's going on? What's the appeal?

So come with me for a ride into the wonderful world of Richard Armitage, trying to figure him out by looking at what he's said about himself and his interests in interviews. Maybe we can find a clue there. Maybe we won't be able to reach any conclusions at all (possibly because we'll get too distracted by swooning), but at least we'll have learned more about him - or ourselves for that matter! - in the process. That's what I'm hoping for anyway. Hop on board and let's get this party started!

FanstRAvaganza 2 - The Usual Suspects

This post is part of FanstRAvaganza 2, a Richard Armitage fanblogging event running 14-21 March 2011. See all FanstRAvaganza posts from this blog. 

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  1. What a great and intriguing start to the adventure that is Richard Armitage. Will be checking back for more!

    FanstRAvaganza begins!

  2. "What's up with a guy that can say his bad habits is poking his nose and instead of going "eww!" we instead kind of go "awww, and he has got such a wonderful nose too!" or saying he enjoys pizza and beer in front of the telly watching rugby with the lads and we fall over ourselves over how manly he is."

    Guilty as charged! Hehehe.

    Very interesting topic Traxy, we might or not find the clues behind his interviews but it surely will give us a lot of discussion and fun too!

    FanstRAvaganza has started!

    OML :)

  3. Hei Traxy,

    Jeg ville hilse på norsk for å si at det er så hyggelig at det er flere i, og fra, Norden som har fått øynene og ørene opp for en høyst unvanlig man.

    I've been trying to work out this man's appeal for the best part of a year and since I'm no closer than I was then, I'm enjoying the ride and meeting all these gifted and creative people on blogs and web-sites!

  4. Hello Traxy,
    What an interesting start, I can't wait for the next posts!

  5. The Perfect Topic!

    I have my hot pants & gogo boots on and I am ready to par-ta.

  6. Oooo, talking about The Man himself! This sound lovely. Can't wait for more.

  7. RavenRosebeetle16 March 2011 at 02:54

    Is "poking his nose" the same as "picking his nose?" And to that, I definitely say ewww! LOL. But, yes, it is a lovely nose.

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone! Hope you'll enjoy the ride. :)

    MillyMe: Hej! Kul att få en kommentar på norska! Då känner man sig ju nästan som hemma. :D I think the "problem" with RA is that the more you find out about him, the more you admire him. The only thing so far that I've heard where we kind of go separate ways is that he'd prefer an extreme sporting holiday rather than a relaxing holiday on a canal boat. But that's about it!

    RavenRosebeetle: Yes, yes it is. This is where I play my "Foreigner Card". ;) Sometimes I translate words directly from Swedish without realising they might be/mean something different in English. Thanks for pointing it out!

  9. RavenRosebeetle17 March 2011 at 04:25

    No problem, Traxy. I think you are doing a fabulous job! I appreciate all your hard work.


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