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We can believe again!

The second X-Files movie! ( ) I can't wait! Mulder and Scully back on the screens! X-Files! X-Files! X-Files! :D :D :D July 25 is when it comes out in the US, but we have to wait for 1 August for it to come to both the UK and Sweden. But what's a few days after six years of waiting anyway? Nothing! So sue me. It's one of my all-time favourite TV-shows. I remember when the final double episode was going to be aired. I was living in BĂ„stad at the time, and had classmates who were trying to talk me into going with them to Pepe's Bodega (a nightclub) on a Saturday night. My response was along the lines of "Not on your life! It's the final X-Files episode ever!!" It was a semi-accepted response, actually. It seemed more valid then "no, I find nightclubs incredibly noisy and awful and I'd rather watch paint dry". Funny that. I remember when "Fight The Future" premiered. Saw it on the opening night