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Unexpected Heartthrobs: James Stewart

Heard the name James Stewart mentioned on TV recently and thought I'd look him up. And indeed, they had eyecandy back in the day too! REALLY! This guy could give quite a few modern heartthrobs a run for their money. and

Musical Interlude: Lyckliga gatan

Here's for picking more Swedish classics! :D In the 1960s and 1970s, many old houses were demolished to give room for new (and, let's face it, ugly) housing developments. This 1967 song by Anna-Lena Löfgren is called Lyckliga gatan ("The Happy Street") and is about how the street where she grew up has been destroyed in order to become a part of the concrete jungle. It's a very emotional song, and I love the song for its message about wanting to preserve the environment. The video features old postcards from around Sweden, according to the person who put it together, and he also says that much of what is depicted no longer exists. :( Swedish lyrics first, followed by an English translation.

Top 10 Weirdest Crushes of 2013

It's a bit early in the year to decide on the weirdest celebrity crushes of 2013, isn't it? Every year, Heat magazine makes a list of unconventional-looking men and ask women to vote for who they think is the "weirdest crush". I came across the longlist earlier this year, and was absolutely puzzled as to why many of those men were on the list. I mean, Hugh Bonneville?! Lord Grantham is a dish! What's weird about him?! Anyway. I voted for a few, although I don't remember exactly who they were, but now, the top ten have been revealed. I snaffled the list from Virgin Media .

2013 Books of Eyre Challenge

Want to read Jane Eyre -related books? Why not join in the 2013 Books of Eyre Challenge , hosted by Amber at The Musings of ALMYBNENR ? :) I think it sounds like a splendid idea. The challenge runs all year long, and you can set your own level of participation: Orphan: 5 books Student: 10 books Teacher/Governess: 15 books Mr./Mrs. Rochester: 20 books Last year, I reviewed five of these kind of books, and I have at least two that needs reviewing at the moment. As I have made it a life mission of sorts to read as many Jane Eyre spin-offs as possible (the whole thing about needing to have ISBN number is brilliant - I might just have to borrow that description), I was going to say I won't be taking part, but maybe I actually should. I mean, why not? I'm doing it already, but under the banner of Everything Eyre . Maybe then I'll get around to finish reading the ones I'm reading at the moment, not to mention actually reviewing those that are waiting to be reviewe

Unexpected Heartthrobs: Laurence Olivier

"How can this possibly be unexpected?!" you cry. Well, all right, calm down. I've not seen him in anything until not that long ago, when I watched Rebecca , so you know, chill. No wonder he got to be Mr Darcy, Maxim de Winter and Heathcliff! And just because the same page where I found the image above also had a picture of him with a cat: Mrreow.

Musical Interlude: Är du som han?

I've mentioned on occasion being an ABBA fan. I'm also a fan of Agnetha Fältskog's songs before and during the ABBA years. There are so many great songs I could share, but if I was to settle for just the one, it would be Är du som han? ("Are you like him?") from 1975. It's oddly relevant to all fellow fangirls out there, because surely everyone has wondered, at some point or other, how the object of our admiration (say, Richard Armitage), the unknown, measures up to the known, i.e. our respecive significant others ... Original Swedish lyrics first, but scroll down for an English translation!