Richard Armitage will never be himself on TV

One of the interesting comments Richard Armitage was when an interviewer asked him, because he's a great dancer, is if we'd ever see him on something like Strictly Come Dancing. His response was that we'd never get to see Richard Armitage as Richard Armitage on TV. Basically, he's not the kind of celebrity to show up as soon as someone waves an invite to a reality TV show.

Richard Armitage as himself. On telly. But not in a reality show.

Things that make me love and respect the man: +1!

Before I read that interview, I was thinking about him on Strictly, and then started to think of a host of other reality TV shows and whether or not he would be a suitable candidate. This is what I came up with ...

Top Gear

What it is: This is a car show, or ... a comedy show with cars in, depending on how you look at it. Rupert Penry-Jones and Peter Firth came on it to promote series 7 (?) of Spooks, so why not Richard Armitage? He does drive a car, after all ...

Why he should be in it: Who doesn't want to be on Top Gear? It's a brilliant show! It's fun, it's lighthearted, not too uncomfortable - unless Jeremy Clarkson starts hitting on you, but he tends to save that for female guests. ;)

Why he should stay away: They'd take the micky out of him for preferring to drive an old banger rather than the grey convertible BMW that he bought a few years back. And for being a BMW driver, but that's another post entirely!

Likelihood of him appearing: I don't really see why not? It would of course have to be because he's promoting something, rather than just coming on for the fun of it, but still. It could definitely work.

Strictly Come Dancing

What it is: A show where a celebrity gets paired up with a professional dancer and perform dance routines together.

Why he should be in it: The man's a dancer. He'd move with grace and those of us who haven't been bothered watching it before will now be watching and phone in to vote for him.

Why he should stay away: Sequins. Plus it would take too much time out of his busy schedule.

Likelihood of him appearing: Not a chance! He's already said as much.

Celebrity Dancing on Ice

What it is: See Strictly Come Dancing. Add an ice rink and skates.

Why he should be in it: See above.

Why he should stay away: Sequins again, plus the schedule thing, plus we don't want him to catch a cold in the arena and also, skates are so darn uncomfortable!

Likelihood of him appearing: Minus 18 degrees.

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

What it is: A group of Z-list "celebrities" get thrown off a plane into the Australian jungle and then have to survive the jungle, each other and have to suffer copious amounts of creepy crawlies and eat kangaroo's testicles, grilled spiders and that sort of thing.

Why he should be in it: There is no reason. He's a real celebrity. This show does not apply to him. :P

Why he should stay away: Seriously, did you miss the description? Go back and read it again. Do not question this ever again!

Likelihood of him appearing: Absolutely nil, thank gods.

Celebrity Masterchef

What it is: "Cooking doesn't get tougher than this!" that bald bloke keeps saying, and it's basically a cooking show. Celebrities get to try out being the best amateur chef. Not to be confused with Australian Masterchef, which took the British idea and made it a heck of a lot more interesting to watch.

Why he should be in it: He likes food, he likes cooking, it would be a competitive thing with lots of pressure. Sounds like he might actually enjoy it.

Why he should stay away: I can see no real reason not to.

Likelihood of him appearing: Way too low for my liking. But to make up for this, tomorrow, the FanstRAvaganza topic will be Richard & food. ;)

Celebrity Come Dine With Me

What it is: Four people take turns hosting a dinner party for the other participants. Then they score each other on cooking skills and hosting abilities.

Why he should be in it: He'd charm the socks off and win by default because any women there would give him ten out of ten simply for being himself.

Why he should stay away: He'd most likely have to put up with three complete media hungry idiots.

Likelihood of him appearing: Pretty much ... none.

Celebrity Big Brother

What it is: A bunch of celebs get thrown into a house with constant surveillance and make complete fools of themselves for a set amount of time, or until they get voted off by the British public.

Why he should be in it: 24 hours of cameras and microphones constantly on. (Yeah, I'll admit this a whole lot more for our pleasure than it would be for his!)

Why he should stay away: His privacy would get so invaded he wouldn't know what to do with himself and the other housemates would find his quiet awkwardness as him being an arrogant snob and it would all go pear-shaped.

Likelihood of him appearing: NONE! HAH! They cancelled the show! :D

Can you think of any more celebrity reality TV shows you'd like (or would hate) to see Richard do?

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  1. The only show out of these I watch is Top Gear and I've often thought RA would be good on it :). They will give him heaps for owning a BMW but I wonder if they will try to get him on the show now he is in TH. Maybe all The Hobbit cast on Top Gear? It could happen, but you know James Nesbitt would do all the talking ......

  2. Great idea!

    I too wish we could see him dance.

    Richard should do one of those DIY shows since he likes to do that. A show designed just for him. Every week he would go to one of our homes, anywhere around the world, and build a bookshelf, or new kitchen cabinets, whatever was needed. Our reward would be watching him while he does all the DIY work, as he recites some beautiful poem of our choosing. I think it would get high ratings-LOL

  3. Phew! and I thought I was the only one who thought James Nesbitt is a gabber. LOL!

    I've never seen any of these shows, but I've had PLENTY of opportunities to see Top Gear. For a short time I had BBC America, and I think they played it 24/7 non-stop. That sort of killed my desire to have BBCA.

    I think the DIY would be great! Would love to see what he can do. :D

  4. The only reality program I watch is The Bad Girls Club, so I don't think he'll be stopping by that house. Personally, I hope he never does reality TV. I think he's too talented and good-natured for that kind of garbage.

    But I wouldn't mind seeing him on Graham Norton. That show can get a little wild, but I would love to see him having a good laugh. That's a joy all by itself.

  5. RA on Top Gear...thud...
    OMG I have always thought that he (and Matthew MacFadyen) should go on that show! Why should Peter & Rupert have all the fun?!?
    I always thought it would have been neat if Keith Allan & RA could have been on TG at the same time or RA vs Jonas Armstrong! See I'm always thinking...
    Maybe someday...

  6. There's a US reality show called "The Bachelor." He could be in that. He never would be. I have this fantasy where he's the bachelor and all the RA bloggers line up to go out on dates with him .... :)

  7. @Musa
    I absolutely love your idea. The only problem with me is that we would get into a quarrel who would be allowed to put up the bookshelf and furniture. I once got into a quarrel with my father as he put together a bookshelf for me while I was absent. I had been looking forward all week to come home and to do it myself.
    I unfortunately cannot help with TV shows. I do not have a TV set and had I not seen an interview with RA on YouTube, I would not have become a fan of a TV series at all. Still, I love your examination of reality shows for RA. What a funny evaluation. I would very much like to see him dancing as well (and at all in everything he does).

  8. I don't like reality shows but I would love a DIY show as Musa suggested with RA as host, just imagine to have him in your home fixing things for you... I would die and go to heaven! LOL
    The reality is .... that he will never be in this kind of shows, it's not his thing :)

  9. For a while I have wanted him to be the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car on Top Gear. If RPJ and Peter Firth can do it, why not RA? I'd love to see him tackle Gambon!!
    Also think he'd be great on a DIY show. And I also would like to see him on cheeky Graham Norton's couch. I think Graham would enjoy that,too. :D

  10. @angieklong

    LOL. Yes, Graham would have a field day with Richard. :D

  11. Servetus- BAHAHA! The Bachelor with RA and bloggers!

    There Richard stands with only one rose... who will be chosen?

    *Serv tries to win him over with her intellect.
    *Frenz puts on the Southern Belle act with her Texas drawl.
    *Avalon flips her long black hair.
    *Nat tries to make him laugh.
    *Phylly goes for the sexy librarian vibe.
    *Mulubinba jumps like a kangaroo into his arms.
    *Traxy appears out of nowhere in Margaret's train station dress.

    A few angry husbands burst onto the set.

    To be continued...

  12. mulubinba: You're right, it would definitely have to be without James Nesbitt. ;)

    Musa: Oh definitely. I'll gladly offer my own home as an example of where he can start to do the work. ;) (We could do with modernising the kitchen a bit and we really need to get the blasted carpet out of the bathroom!!)

    RAFrenzy: I tried thinking of a DIY show but couldn't come up with one. Maybe he could take over presenting DIY SOS from Nick Knowles? (Blasted man went and got his hair cut! How rude!)

    Sarah: Agreed! On both accounts! The GH show is hilarious. :D Still remember when he got Sharleen Spiteri on, saying she once threatened to punch Paris Hilton. <3

    tyme_4_t: Matt MacFadyen might've already been on (just not recently), and possibly Jonas Armstrong as well ... In fact, I'm pretty sure Keith Allen HAS been on, but quite some time ago. So yeah, where's RA?

    servetus: Haha! That'd be hilarious! Sounds like a fanfic waiting to happen! :D

    CDoart: Thanks. :) I know what you mean - it's a bit like when Father Ted got Mrs. Doyle a tea-making machine that would take "all the misery out of making tea". Her response was "maybe I LIKE the misery!" Sometimes people do us "favours" just to be kind and it doesn't always work ... Like you say, "thanks for putting the bookshelf up, it was very kind of you, but I actually WANTED TO DO IT MYSELF!" (It's especially annoying if they do it wrong so you have to spend time to put it right yourself, which often turns out to take longer than if you had just done it yourself from scratch to begin with.)

    Summer: Maybe we should make a list of all the things we need doing around the house and then try to sell it to one of the TV networks? ;)

    angieklong: "Massive under-steer through Hammerhead! Coming around fast ... And over the line!! How do you think you've done? Richard Armitage ... you did it ... in ..." :D And have him say how instructive the Stig was and all. It would be awesome.

    Nat: Hahaha! Yeah! (Period clothing, yay!) Ohh, and I'd bring my home-made Swedish brownies along as well. Resistance is useless! ;) Yup, RA doing The Bachelor with the F2 bloggers definitely sounds like a fanfic that needs writing! :D Who's game?

  13. RA on Top Gear oh yeah!!!
    I'd like to see it *thud*

  14. @Traxy - sidebar please...MM on TG...OMG when & where can we confirm or deny...
    I have seen the Keith Allen ep of TG and of course Peter & RPJ's segment has been a long time fav on youtube...but can anyone CONFIRM OR DENY if Matthew Macfadyen has be in the "reasonably priced car"?!?! back to our RegulAr scheduled progRAm...

  15. tyme_4_t: According to the Top Gear Wiki page on Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car, Matthew MacFadyen has not done a lap/been interviewed. The list doesn't include the latest series, but the series 16 episode list on Wikipedia doesn't list him either. So I guess he's never been on. Sorry!

  16. ahhh Traxy...there is still hope!

  17. Absolutely! Just because he's not been on yet doesn't mean he can't be in the future! :)

    Ohh, and I thought of another show RA could be on! Except of course now that I remembered to write it down I can't remember what it's called. The one where they trace your family tree. Rupert Penry-Jones has been on it and his wife too, and she turned out to be related to Michael Collins. When I can remember what it's called (or someone reminds me), I'll add it to the post. :)

  18. Are you thinking of "Who Do You Think You Are?" on NBC? That would be a good one. But a cooking show whould be fab. Paula Deen would have a blast with him!!

  19. Thank you!! Yes, that's the one! "Who Do You Think You Are"! :D

  20. I'm not much for Reality shows usually. But I had a belly-laugh over Nat's outlining of Servetus's idea for The Bachelor! Very clever!
    Love your post idea!
    I also agree a DIY role for RA would be lots of fun!!

  21. a lovely dream - dream on


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