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Deathly Silence

Finished at around 1:30pm. Now I'm just waiting for others to finish so I have someone to discuss it with. ..., *waiting* I know she said she'd leave some loose ends for fans to speculate about, but... it felt like too many. Like, why not say what people are working with? What happened to some people (are they dead or alive)? And so on. There were also some pacing issues. Super-mega-action-packed start, then it drags on a bit and not a lot happens for like 200 pages before it picks up again. I think I'll have a bit of a ponder about it.

Pulling an all-nighter with HP7

It has arrived. Busy reading. Queued up at ASDA around midnight. Started reading just after 1am, while having a large mug of strong (yucky) coffee to keep me awake. Have read for 4½ hours, just finished chapter 15, on a pee break / making-some-tea break / computer break... but will have to get back to reading now, before my tea-water gets cold.