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New look!

I was going to create my own layout, but I haven't had any inspiration for how it would look. That, and the fact that I couldn't quite be bothered to make a template that's perfectly Blogger compatible as there's soooooo much extra code that goes into it that I haven't quite figured out where to begin. *cough* Today, I decided to google Blogger templates (the default ones are terribly boring) and found one I quite liked and I think would fit with the blog. So, this is the new look, called Club Red. What do you think? Better or worse or the same, just different? :) The background is similar to what I had in mind, and if there's already a finished template, weeeeell... no work and all play! ;) I might still decide to make my own template, but at least this is a bit more interesting in the meantime. (Not that any attempt of mine would look better than this one, I have to admit!)

Mr. Armitage, you spoil us!

He's at it again, it would seem! Now, I'm just waiting for him to do a voiceover for Thornton's chocolate or take over Dirvla Kirwan's role as the seductive voice for Marks & Spencer... Spontaneous self-combustion in three... two... one...

Another RA voiceover!

On the way back from the supermarket this afternoon, we were listening to BBC Radio 1 in the car and came upon a trailer for the Winter Olympics coverage. Something about snowboarding. The voice was familiar... My thought was "hey, even though you're doing the voiceover for the ad, Richard, doesn't mean I'm going to watch snowboarding!" Perhaps if he was an actual commentator... but alas. So yeah, Richard Armitage has got some more voiceover work going on at the moment than that Santander ad! :)

International Magic Day

Time to put a new date in the calendar: Saturday, 31 July 2010! Not just the birthday of Harry Potter and his creator, JK Rowling, but also the date of the first International Magic Day! The aim is to dress up as witches and wizards (or witches/wizards trying to blend into muggle society) for the day, and celebrate everything magic! You are hereby cordially invited to participate (and invite other muggles and magic folk alike).

So it's February...

Been busy with stuff recently... and at the same time, not more than usual. Oh well. On the Squeee front... Couldn't help myself, so I've started on North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell... Think I'm on chapter six so far, and from sneaking a peak, I think it's in the next chapter (i.e. 7) where she first encounters dear Thornton. I've watched Jane Eyre '73 and been ogling some spin-off books on Amazon (waiting to get a voucher to buy them). Also been reading some... I think I've read past the shoelace scene. It's somewhere around when Blanche et al are at Thornfield anyway. Saw the Heroes and then the Heroines episodes of the documentary Reader, I Married Him yesterday, and for the first time, found myself disagreeing with Daisy Goodwin. Something she was saying about Rochester "marrying a mad woman for her money" had me exclaiming, "Oi! He was tricked into that marriage! He didn't know she was mad, and he didn't marr