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No one knows how the Wheel turns

The Wheel of Time turns as Ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, a man died of a horrible disease. His death was not the end. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time, but it was AN end. Robert Jordan has died, aged 58. I found out today and it made me very sad. Another one of my favourite authors to die. I cried the day I found out that Douglas Adams had died, and I have tears in my eyes writing this. No, I didn't know RJ either. I'm crying because I admired him, he wrote a fantastic fantasy series, and he's left a loving wife behind - Harriet - and I feel for her. It's a great loss to lose a partner like that, but it's also a loss to the world of fantasy literature. To Harriet - may the Light shine upon you and give you strength. You're in all of our thoughts. To

Deathly Silence

Finished at around 1:30pm. Now I'm just waiting for others to finish so I have someone to discuss it with. ..., *waiting* I know she said she'd leave some loose ends for fans to speculate about, but... it felt like too many. Like, why not say what people are working with? What happened to some people (are they dead or alive)? And so on. There were also some pacing issues. Super-mega-action-packed start, then it drags on a bit and not a lot happens for like 200 pages before it picks up again. I think I'll have a bit of a ponder about it.

Pulling an all-nighter with HP7

It has arrived. Busy reading. Queued up at ASDA around midnight. Started reading just after 1am, while having a large mug of strong (yucky) coffee to keep me awake. Have read for 4½ hours, just finished chapter 15, on a pee break / making-some-tea break / computer break... but will have to get back to reading now, before my tea-water gets cold.

Bestest Show Ever!

Look! Someone put these on YouTube! I wuvs them.

Animaniacs on DVD

I think I even had season 1 on pre-order. Today I found out that they've released season 2 already! Season 3 is on the way later this month. On Region 1, I might add. Region free players ftw. Things I wouldn't mind for my birthday (next month, remember?): o:) Animaniacs are great. (The actor can actually sing that song ^^ still, without the lyrics. Impressive? Hell yes!)

Towel Day

It's that time of year again! When I have anything interesting to report about this, I will. I shall update this post a bit later and reminisce about the past six years of celebrating Towel Day. Actually, sod it, I'll just copy what I sent in to the Towel Testimonials page on the official Towel Day website a few years ago: It was a day like any other. I had been watching TV for some time and then finally decided to do something more constructive with my day, so I switched it off, and picked up my mobile phone. That's when I got an SMS from a friend in England: "Douglas Adams is dead". I asked the standard questions, and was told what had happened. I was in shock, went straight to the computer, and closed down my two websites in memorandum. Later that night, my mother and I were preparing dinner, and I told her I had got an SMS from my friend, and then I started crying. She thought something had happened to my friend

Jeremy's da man

Years ago, I used to watch shows like Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones. Also had Sally Jesse Raphael and Jerry Springer to choose from, but for me, it was mainly Ricki or Jenny. Britain have some of those people too. There's Trisha, for instance, and recently, I've come across Jeremy Kyle. It's interesting to compare British and American trailer trash TV (because let's face it, the people who go on those shows don't exactly live in Kensington or Orange County). Americans are a lot more vivid with the "talk to the hand 'cause the face ain't lis'nin'!" and the gesture that goes with it, whereas it seems the Brits tend to more often be inclined to walk off stage and sulk and be coaxed back out. Oh, much less comments from the audience in Britain as well. The thing I like with Jeremy Kyle is that he's not easy on the people who go on the show. He has an opinion and he's not afraid to use it. Where Ricki Lake would go :O over something, he