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The Quest to read everything Jane Eyre

...before they go as mad as the secret wife in the attic? I aim to find out! :) This is where it all began. Okay, I don't mean I aim to read Jane Eyre prequels, sequels, spin-offs and inspired bys/based ons until I actually go insane, more like, how many can I manage to read before I get thoroughly fed up with the whole thing. Here's the cunning plan ... (updated 13 December 2012)

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Heat Weird Crush of the Year 2010

It's that time of year again. I had forgotten about this, but watching Russell Howard's Good News last night, he mentioned being on the list and being slightly miffed about it. After all, it's weird crush, people whom it would be weird to have a crush on. And Russell Howard? What's not to love? Here's the list, courtesy of Heat magazine : 25. Gregg Wallace - bald guy from Masterchef . Any appeal he had vanished when he commented on not seeing the point of organic produce. Yeah, because there's no point in avoiding toxic chemicals and treating animals with a bit of kindness. So yeah, crushing on him is weird. 24. John Torode - the Aussie guy from Masterchef . Ehh, whatever. 23. Gordon Ramsay - TV chef and definite alpha male. That's all the explanation you need right there. 22. Kevin McCloud - from Channel 4's Grand Designs . I'm more interested in ogling the houses than him, personally. 21. David Cameron - Tory politician and curr

Jane Eyre '11 - poster AND trailer, double squeeee!!!

One is now ridiculously, deleriously happy. First, yesterday, the movie poster, but I was too caught up with other things (*cough* NaNoWriMo, basically *cough*) to have time to post. Now, the actual TRAILER for the upcoming Jane Eyre (2011) movie adaptation! Thanks to Ruth and Charleybrown for the heads up. I love you guys. You've made my day, week AND month, all at the same time. Thank you thank you thank you!!! How come all Jane Eyres have the same hair style?


Celebrating NaNoWriMo, I might decide to become rather (more) obnoxious (than normal) with posting random writings. This was something written for a creative writing course, and was supposed to portray a turning point in someone's life. I decided to write about the turning point for an alcoholic widower - the father of one of my roleplaying characters that I care a little too much about. "Resolutions" At the beginning of every year, Robert Malford decided to do something useful with his life. It normally didn’t last very long, as he always found something to remind him of times gone by, and it hurt too much. Every year gone by was another year in which he couldn’t read his daughter a bed-time story or help his oldest son with schoolwork, or kiss his wife. They were gone, and no matter how much he prayed for them to return, they never would, and the pain was unbearable. The only thing stopping him from going under completely was his son Christian, who was in school at t

National Novel Writing Month 2010

Every November, there's a Thing going on around the world, called the National Novel Writing Month. Should be International and not National, really, but I suppose they prefered NaNoWriMo to InNoWriMo or something. It's a writing challenge, so that all those of us who say we're going to write a novel "one day" stop making up lame excuses and get down and actually DO write it. Not "one day", but rather "starting today". Or, actually, starting yesterday. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days - and you have November to do it in. My NaNo history so far has been mixed. The first attempt was made in 2006, but I started writing it by hand and didn't know what to write about so just wrote a lot of nonsense. Gave up after 3000 or so words. Not willing to be deterred, I went back for a second try in 2007. To begin with, I was going to be writing something along the lines of an autobiography, but that idea was slated on the forum, be