Guy of Gisborne ... at Southwell Minster

Last Saturday, we happened to venture to the old market town of Southwell in east Nottinghamshire. (It's either pronounced "south-well" like you'd expect OR "suth-ull" - haven't had a definitive "it's this way or the highway" yet, because there are people who argue both sides.)

We walked around town for a bit - lots of old houses, particularly of the Georgian fashion (which I love). I'm happy to announce they have a very nice greengrocer's hidden away on a back street, and a nice little chocolate shop on the high street and a selection of cafés and restaurants. They also have a great big church for a fairly small town: the Southwell Minster.

As we were walking back to the short stay car park (free parking for up to two hours), we came across this ... touristy informationy thingy:

You should be able to make out that it says "SOUTHWELL MINSTER" and "IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ROBIN HOOD" and that a green-clad guy it would be safe to presume is Robin Hood is fighting someone. When I looked closer at it, however ... I had to take a picture of the text. It's Guy of Gisborne! Here's what the sign says:

Click the image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge

Sadly, no mention of Richard Armitage in leather.

For a good 'n' proper Guy of Gisborne fix, why not stop by the blogs of Avalon and Judiang? If you want a good story to read about Guy, then Mesmered has a good one going on as well - you'd be a fool to miss it! :)

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  1. Robin Hood is a very universal story. I saw a great version onstage in the Czech Republic a few years ago. I couldn't understand the dialogue but I could certainly follow the story.

    With the storylines in the 2006-2009 BBC version, I sometimes wonder how fondly it will be remembered in the long history of movies and TV series.

  2. I've read the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Adventures, and there is no mention of Guy being "sir" anything - he was an outlaw too, hoping to win his freedom (and the reward) by bringing in/killing Robin. And he was dressed all in horsehair, but other than that, I was sort of amazed at how closely the description matched "showed a knit brow, a hooked nose, and a pair of fierce, restless black eyes (ok, his eyes aren't black) , which altogether made Robin think of a hawk as he looked upon his face. But besides this there was something about the lines on the stranger's face, and his thin cruel mouth and the hard glare of his eyes, that made one's flesh creep to look upon." He's also mentioned as being very tall.

    Now, I think Richard's hawklike features are dreamy, but he can get his creep on when he is trying to be scary looking! :)

  3. Interesting. I have family connections in Nottinghamshire but have never managed to get there. Maybe one day ....

    Trivia: Robin Hood's grave was supposed to be at Kirklees. Kirklees was owned by the Baronetcy of Armytage
    How's that for a coincidence ? :)

  4. bccmee: I don't think the storylines in that version of RH will stand the test of time. Also, they only made three series as well. Maybe people will remember Guy of Gisborne! Or, rather, people will probably just remember "they killed Marian!" Heh.

    bettielee: That's a very fitting description! If he was an outlaw too, that goes surprisingly well with the latter part of s3. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Mulubinba: If you ever come this way, you're welcome to stop by for a bit! :) The baronetcy is an interesting coincidence, I agree!

  5. hah. always knew...
    the part about slaughtering poor Sir Guy and then impersonating him by putting on his (horse?!?!?WTF Guy?!?) leather coat...
    green-eyed monster, that's what.
    of course why would you want to be Robin Hood if you could be TDH Guy?!?
    thanks for the proof ;)

  6. Oh, nice slide show Traxy. I'm a history buff, love stuff like this. Ouch, I prefer the nobler ending of our Guy.


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