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New Richard Armitage interview - swoon!

Thank heavens for Google Alerts! Up until now, the only hits on Richard Armitage have been to do with the US politician, but today - gold! The Mirror have an interview with him, signed Vicki Power. Highlights: Ladies, you need to sit down to read this. Because if you don't, you might hurt yourself on the way down! 1. He's looking for "that perfect food-loving woman" - hey, Nat! ;) 2. He uses Skype ! Add me! Add me! Add me! 3. "I’m not particularly alpha. ‘Nourish and nurture’ are my watchwords as opposed to ‘search and destroy’." - SNAP! *swoon* 4. He's off to LA! Americans, your wish has come true! 5. "Unfortunately, my love life is nil." - Plenty of women who'd be more than willing to remedy that... ;) Perhaps I should add "sadly", because it must be quite difficult being famous. You can't be too sure who's wanting you for the person you are, and who wants you just because you're famous. Makes finding th

TVChoice Awards 2010 - longlist voting open!

For those who can - if you're abroad, see if you can access the page - the TVChoice Awards have the longlists open for voting now. From those, I guess there will then be a shortlist to vote on. Why am I telling you this? Because you can go vote for your favourite shows and actors! Specifically, Richard Armitage, Spooks and Strike Back ! Highlights: Best new drama: Chris Ryan’s Strike Back (Sky1), Emma (BBC) Best drama series: Spooks (BBC1) Best actor: Richard Armitage ( Chris Ryan’s Strike Back ) Best actress: Ruth Wilson ( Luther ) Off you go!

Release date for Jane Eyre '11

Put this in your calendar, everyone: Friday, 11 March 2011 That's when the latest version of Jane Eyre comes out! Or at least that's when it'll have its "platform release in selected cities" ( ), whatever the hell that means. Probably the big, fancy premieres, that means the film won't open to the public until a week or two later. Bummer. But at least it's early in the year! Oooh, I wonder if it's worth sneaking off to London and hang around Leicester Square to see if it's a red carpet thing. That'd be... pretty cool.

In Charlotte Brontë's footsteps

While trying to find a photo to go with part two of Country Roads , I came across this: It was three stories high . . . a gentleman’s manor-house . . . battlements around the top gave it a picturesque look’ In 1845 Charlotte Brontë stayed at Hathersage vicarage with her friend Ellen Nussey and regularly visited the locally important Eyre family at North Lees Hall.  Charlotte’s letters reveal Hathersage as the village Morton in Jane Eyre (published 1847). The landlord of the George Inn was a Mr Morton at the time Brontë stayed here and she borrowed the Eyre family name for her heroine.  There’s a reference in the novel to ‘Mr Oliver’s needle factory’ in Morton, and there were several needle mills in Hathersage then. The novel’s crenellated Thornfield is clearly based on North Lees Hall. Robert Eyre is said to have built seven houses for seven sons and you can still see North Lees, an impressive Tudor manor just a short pleasant walk from the village.  It is rumou

"Country Roads" part 2, more 21st century Jane Eyre!

Part 1 is here: "Country Roads" - a bit of Jane Eyre in the 21st century .While part one was chapter 12 of Jane Eyre , this is chapter 13... sort of. Brontë tells these bits in ~7000 words, I had 2500 in total, so it feels quite rushed and I'm not particularly pleased. I prefer the 2500-word version with all parts put together and rearranged slightly to these 1000-word bits I've posted here. Either way, constructive criticism is appreciated as always. :)

Toby in Strike Back!

Just saw a trailer for the final two parts of Strike Back , and I'm happy to announce Toby Stephens was in it! In a suit with short hair, grim expression and American accent. With regards to the episode, it seems it's the Americans trying to get rid of people this time... If it's not the Iraqis or the Zimbabwis, it's the Americans, eh? Still, it'll be nice to see Toby back on screen. Talented actor and handsome fellow that he is, although he looks a bit tired on the pic on the left (from an interview in the London Evening Standard, 23 March 2010 ). Maybe his little kiddies keep him awake at night? In the interview, he says, "On TV a lot of stuff isn't well written. You spend a lot of time trying to polish a turd. Whereas in theatre you usually don't have to expend all that energy selling the thing, because the writing is superior." I wonder what he thinks of Strike Back . Does he consider that turd-polishing too, perhaps? Still, as long as

MTV Movie Awards 2010 - Voting's open!

I came across something somewhere yesterday that mentioned the MTV Movie Awards, so I had a look on the website. I signed up to to vote a previous year. Last year, was it? Don't remember. This year looks like it's going to be the same. PLEASE can they not just finish making those Twilight movies soon so we can be rid of them once and for all and get voting for something decent?! Last time, the one that annoys me greatly, was the time when the first Twilight movie had come out, and it was nominated in a bunch of categories, of which it won most of them. It was a shambles! I mean, Best Male Performance. Christian Bale was nominated, and I quite like him. Robert Downey Jr was nominated, and he's a superb actor - and I'm not just saying it because he's ridiculously swoonworthy as well - but as in, as an actor, he's freakin' AWESOME! And who won? Zac Efron! Are you KIDDING ME?! Best Villain - now, I approve of that. Heath Ledger won for playing the

Weekend LOL: Brontë Sisters Action Figures!

Sadly, they're not real... but oh (wo)man, they should be! :D

Another Jane Eyre '11 photo

Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre. Photo by Laurie Sparham, Focus Features, got from an article at USA Today , found through the BrontëBlog . The article also has some comments from the people behind that blog, which is nice to read! :) The photo looks a bit blurry, almost like a painting. Jane looks plain, in a way, but at the same time, very naturally beautiful. And, to be fair, Jane's Rivers cousins think she's beautiful, even if she does not. Still waiting for a picture of Rochester, though! Come on! Gimme gimme gimme!!

Where's parts 3+4 of Strike Back at?!

Right now you might be wondering where the reviews of parts 3+4 of Strike Back have got to, because HELLO they were on telly YESTERDAY, so where they at?! "There's not much makeup in the army, is there? They only have that nighttime look, and that's a bit slapdash, isn't it?" Well, they're on the DVR. I set it to record as we went out last night (please stop imagining sparkly tops, high heels and loud disco music - it was a comic book and gaming store, and we partook in a 4th Ed D&D Forgotten Realms campaign :P), and as we got back late-ish, didn't have time to see it then. Or, rather, I prioritised sleep as I had to get up today and go to work! Ooo, my plastic pal to have fun with! Today, when we finally got home, there were other scheduled things to watch, namely Legend of the Seeker and Sanctuary on Syfy, of which I only tend to follow the former. (I like Amanda Tapping in the Stargate stuff, but OMG that fake British accent is on par w

May the 4th be with you!

May the 4th... "May the Force"... Because of that play on words, this particular date has been known as Star Wars Day by various pun-loving Jedi-wannabes from here to Naboo. I like Star Wars , and like most people, I prefer the original films, where Yoda was a puppet and not an animation. Where Darth Vader had that James Earl Jones voice and put heavy breathers everywhere to shame. I even like the Ewoks! So there! Now, as you might know, an actor a lot of us love and are very devoted to was in one of those new films. He's known to have tried hitting on Keira Knightley in the process (although I personally don't see why anyone would want to - although, to be fair, didn't he mistake her for Natalie Portman?) - so let's recap with a picture of what at least looks to be the most dashing fighter pilot in the galaxy: Mr. Richard Armitage! "So ... d'you come here often?" A more detailed discussion on exactly where you can probably see Richard Armi

Single-minded? Moi? (Yes, another Strike Back post)

They just said on Sky1 that Strike Back will begin with a double episode! :D Also, Female fans (and they are legion; when Armitage, who's single and lives in south-east London, made his romantic debut in North & South , BBC switchboards were jammed with heavy breathing) will just be happy their man spends a good part of Strike Back with his shirt off. (From Reader's Digest , May 2010 - thanks to Maria Grazia for the link!) Shirtless RA!!! Aww, but then we'll be all distracted and won't pay proper attention to the story! Oh well, I'm sure we can all live with that... ;) But - ladies and... probably no gentlemen - let's not forget who else will be struttin' their acting stuff on screen in this production: Cathy Earnshaw '98 (Orla Brady), Edgar Linton '09 (Andrew Lincoln), Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston '09 (Jodhi May), Friar Tuck "off of" BBC's Robin Hood (David Harewood), that annoying guy in that Spooks episode (Ewen Bremner

"Country Roads" - a bit of Jane Eyre in the 21st century...

Okay, patience isn't really my cuppa tea, so here ya go, the first two parts of the final writing assignment in Creative Writing II, in which I've happened to be writing a modern-day take on Jane Eyre . For the assignment, we had to write no more than 500 words, so this is just a draft. Part one deals with setting, part two with characters and dialogue. Part three has a plot twist ( anyone familiar with JE will know exactly what the twist is from reading the stuff below, and others will probably be able to figure it out anyway ;)), part four is supposed to be a sort of conclusion, but I'm not sure what that's going to be, as I've not come that far yet. The Jane substitute would have been introduced at an earlier stage in the story - as this would not be chapter one of a novel, it would be further in - so that's why she's not described in much detail. Please tell me what you think of it so far - both in terms of story and writing; I love to get feedback