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Horrible Histories: Series 2 on DVD

While we're waiting for this afternoon and the new, exciting series of Horrible Histories , let's write a few words about the DVD for series two, which is out today. Hooray! Well, actually, I had it on pre-order with Amazon so it arrived last Friday. I've had all weekend to watch it. Or rather, that's what I did on Friday evening after work. Couldn't pass up the opportunity of watching deleted scenes and outtakes! The series two DVD comes with the twelve episodes from TV, outtakes, deleted scenes, a quiz (haven't tried it yet), and "Savage Songs" (aired on TV as episode 2.13), which is a collection of nearly all the songs from the series with the addition of the four King Georges' Born to Rule from series one. The outtakes is a basic gag reel, where the actors fluff up lines, get the giggles and such. The one that made me giggle the most was Jim Howick as a viking drummer losing his drumsticks.

If Armitage and Wood had a love child ...

Been far too long since I last did one of these , and I'd like to thank Leffe for the idea. It had me laughing out loud! If Richard Armitage and Elijah Wood had a love child, this is what he'd look like: Ladies and gen ... uh, ladies , Daniel Radcliffe ! :D When I saw clips from Between the Sheets the first time, my response was "OMG, he looks like Daniel Radcliffe! That's just ... weird. I don't really fancy Dan Radcliffe that much and Richard Armitage, number one hottie, looks like his older brother! I'm confused." Wishing you a good weekend!

Rise up for Christchurch, fandoms!

Recently, I wrote about the Tobathon arranged for charity by the Toby Stephens fandom . In the same post, I also mentioned the generosity of the Richard Armitage fandom. Time for an update on that one, because the Armitage admirers have found another way of backing charitable purposes and it must not go unreported! At 9pm/21:00 GMT (for easy reference, for UK add +1, for western Europe +2), there will be a telathon in New Zealand in support of rebuilding Christchurch in the aftermath of the earthquake there earlier this year. Even before the event has started, the Richard Armitage fandom has already raised about NZ$1000. Well done! To begin with, Servetus said she would donate money for everyone commenting on a particular post on her blog , up to a certain amount. RAFrenzy countered with matching her amount , and judiang and others have offered to do the same ! How kind of them! Very admirable ladies, all of them. :)

New Horrible Histories next MONDAY!

Just before tonight's Doctor Who episode, there was a trailer for Horrible Hero ... which was not just funny - it was a trailer for series three of Horrible Histories . Hooray! Finally! Play the Horrible Hero game on the CBBC website Set your V/Sky+ or any other DVR or video recorders (unless you're at home at the time) for CBBC at 17:15/5:15pm on Monday 30 May , because they're back, baby! Ooohhhh I can't wait! :D

Eurovision - did the right song win?

Just about to head off to bed after having seen the biggest international music spectacle this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Sweden came third and United Kingdom didn't come last. A good result overall, I feel. Might make a post about it more in detail at some other point. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan won. Do you agree with that result? Was it your favourite song? Wasn't mine. I can't even remember how it went now! After every Eurovision Song Contest, the question asked in Swedish newspapers is: "Did the right song win?" So, I'm asking you, dear Reader. Did the right song win?

The good news and the bad news

The good news is that Blogger has finally come back. Hooray! On Wednesday, there was supposed to be a one-hour downtime due to some maintenance work, but something went awry and the system was really buggy. I could post things as normal yesterday, and the only thing I struggled with was trying to get the system to save the edits I had made to the New Moon review. And for some reason, it wouldn't save it, it just eventually said "you're about to leave this page, are you sure you want to do that?" which then lead to "page not responding". In the evening, when the Squeeze was clicking on a link on Facebook to see a blog post, it wasn't there. And on closer inspection this morning, as it turns out, Blogger had switched off the Blogger Dashboard access and reverted to a backup done before their maintenance work, which meant every post and every comment made until that time were temporarily gone. At the moment, the posts I was missing have returned, and the

Richard Armitage and you - your number's up!

Fabolaktuko at White Rose posted something funny earlier today: her results on a numerological compatibility test with Richard Armitage. I'm a sucker for silly compatibility tests, so I immediately had to go and do the test to see how I would fare. Before I get to the result, it was the same regardless of if I used Traxy Thornfield or my legal name, so I guess it goes by your birthdate for comparison, rather than names. You can never be too sure with numerology, as there are different ways to calculate it. Anyway. The result had me giggling excitedly:

Why Toby Stephens should be proud of his fans

One of the things that quite amaze me is how fandoms pull together not just for themselves and the object of their appreciation, but for other people. For instance, the Richard Armitage fandom has (at time of writing) raised an impressive £11,234.07 in a year to the four charities officially supported by him on JustGiving . That’s a lot of money. Toby Stephens. You might know him as Mr. Rochester with the gravity-defying hair. Swoon! More recently, I joined a Toby Stephens fan forum and in April, we all got an email notification about his birthday. In celebration of it, the fanforum have an annual event called a Tobathon in his honour. First, I thought this was some sort of massive Toby Stephens movie marathon, but no. It’s way more impressive than that. Here’s what (part of) the email said: 'Oldies' will also know that every year at this time we have what has become known as the Tobathon : a virtual fun run/walk/hobble where we all get out in the sunshine and compl

Another Richard Armitage dream

It happened again! Doesn't quite match last time it happened - because meeting him in the street was pretty darn sweet - but on the other hand ... sharing a bed ain't bad either. Okay, let's take it from the top, the little I can remember. (Photo from Nat's RA Fanblog ) He was cooking in his house. Frying onions and chorizo ... and pointing out that the reason he hadn't sliced the chorizo, but in fact just halved it and had it in big chunks was because his mother preferred it that way. She was hungry and wanted something more substantial, and having tiny little slices weren't good enough.

Stalking opportunity added: Wattpad

Hello world. Just to let you know I've joined Wattpad , which is some sort of writing community. Seems like the place to be. Now I just wonder what I should start uploading to "lose my Wattpad virginity" as it were. Suggestions? :) If you fancy stopping by and saying hello, my username is doctortrax (it had to be 6 or more chars and Traxy is only 5). And just looking at that username now makes me remember when I first signed up at Hotmail (or HoTMaiL as it was back then, way before Microsoft came along) in 1996. Wow, those were the days. *hit by a nostalgia brick* Anyway, I wish everyone a very nice weekend! EDIT: There we go! The Sheriff's Wife is now online. Took a while to edit the text I selected to be the first thing posted, because a) it's longer than I remembered, and b) it's been in first draft since November 2007, as it's the mainstay of chapter seven of that novel. Actually, it's probably the best part of the whole novel, as it&#

Harry Potter 7:2 official trailer - awesome doesn't cut it

I. Can't. Wait.

Captain America and the Moral Dilemma

It's Wednesday and I need an RA fix! Tomorrow's the UK voting referendum and I just found out I'm only eligible to vote in the local council elections, because I'm not a UK citizen - I'm just a resident. :( Anyway, I'm not keen on this blog being too (or at all) political, so here we go: today's Richard Armitage post! Today, Captain America . (Pic from Richard Armitage Online ) Captain America: The First Avenger is due out in cinemas late July. It's bound to have a lot of "well-educated Radio Four listeners" in the audience, which is funny, as that's not the audience you'd normally expect for a superhero comic book adaptation. Oh Richard, the things you do to us poor ladies ... or rather, the things you make us do! Anyway, the role he's playing is that of Heinz Kruger. I might hang out in a comic book store and do roleplaying there, but it doesn't mean I'm at all clued up about the Captain America universe. Not at

"Defeating the Galactic Empire" - May the 4th be with you!

Defeating the Galactic Empire “My father is dead! Obi-Wan said you murdered him!” A defiant Luke Skywalker stared at his nemesis, an intimidating, black-clad Sith lord. “No, he’s not,” Darth Vader objected. “He’s at work.” “That’s so not what he says! He says, ‘No, I am your father’.” “But how can I be your dad exactly?” said the tinny voice from within the plastic, yellow bucket helmet. “I’m your brother!”

The most "bangable" man in British literature

The Awl has posted a list of 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability . (Thanks for posting about it in the forum, rhubarbsmom!) First of all, let's correct the image they use to illustrate the article, as they've chosen number THREE on the list as opposed to number one. Can't have that now, can we? There we go. MUCH better. Order is restored. Ta-daaaah!! Mr. Rochester of Jane Eyre made number one! :D Congratulations on your impeccable taste, Carrie Frye! Of course he is the most bangable character in British literature. Here are some reflections on selected parts of the rest of the list: