What's Richard Armitage doing in Beeston?

Humber Road, to be precise. He was walking down it, in broad daylight.

Right about here. Nice and sunny day too, like this.

And why was I sort of having a conversation with his "manager"? And who was I walking with? And why was his manager (a man) on Twitter under a fake name - a random woman?

It was very peculiar indeed. And if it sounds a bit weird, that's because it was a dream. Had it last night. For some reason, I ... oh hang on. I remember now! I was walking down said fairly non-descript street in the Nottingham suburb of Beeston together with Nat from the Richard Armitage Fanblog, for some reason. Perhaps because I don't know what she looks like in real life is the reason why I can't remember what she looked like in the dream?

Like this, and with jeans. But in the flesh.
Gorgeous isn't a strong enough word.

We came upon Richard Armitage's manager, who was also walking down the road, and we spoke of his charge. And speak of the handsome devil, he came a-walkin' toward us! From the direction of the shops on Queen's Road. Maybe he'd been to KFC or Subway. He was friendly and smiling and charming and SO NICE, unlike last time, when he was just uncomfortable. It was only a brief encounter, but it was a lovely one.

He was in town because there was a couple of shows he was in, at the same time (you workaholic, you!) - and I had got tickets for one of them, a stage production of BBC's Robin Hood. Can't quite recall the other one, unless it was meant to be The Rover? I hadn't got tickets yet, because I wanted to make sure he was actually going to be in both on the dates I was looking at going. So it was a chat mentioning those tickets and looking forward to seeing him on stage. We didn't want to hold him up too long, so the chat was kept brief and then he went on his merry way.

Then there was something about the manager being incognito on Twitter and mentioning our encounter there, and something about a Swedish sponge cake ("sockerkaka") that we had joked about. Good things dreams don't have to make sense! Then again, sockerkaka is yummy, and undoubtedly, so is Richard Armitage. So maybe it wasn't so far-fetched after all! :) The strangest thing is probably that my impression of him was "but he's not that tall after all", which is a bit ... wrong? FFS, he's two-thirds of a foot / ca 20 cm taller than me! That's still rather tall!

Ach, but what a dream it was. More where that came from, yes please! :)


  1. ooh, that's beautiful. I'd love to have a dream like that about him, in which he was friendly to me. I'm jealous of your subconscious!

  2. Me too Servetus! I have had a total of 0 dreams about RA, so I am very envious.
    On another note I say congratulations about your to-do list being so close to done. I am very impressed! (I would not have the courage to actually POST any of my to-do lists!)

  3. Great dream! A Robin Hood stage show, eh? That would be fun!

  4. Perhaps he was visiting the Humber Road chippie. They do good chips

  5. @servetus: Yeah, I really wonder what he was supposed to mean, showing up like that. I'm rubbish at symbol interpretation!

    @phylly3: Which to-do list? The DH Lawrence Challenge one? It's going pretty well, but still haven't visited the heritage centre and don't think I will before the end of the year. The other to-do list is never-ending! :/

    @Skully: It sounded like a hoot in the dream, with Keith Allen as the sheriff and everything. :D Maybe because I was listening to one of the RH audiobooks the other day?

    @hedgeypig: He wasn't coming from the chippy or even from that side of the street, but I definitely should've recommended the place to him. Nice place. Maybe next time, eh? ;D

  6. Glad to be hanging out with you in your RA dream. :)


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