Richard Armitage and you - your number's up!

Fabolaktuko at White Rose posted something funny earlier today: her results on a numerological compatibility test with Richard Armitage. I'm a sucker for silly compatibility tests, so I immediately had to go and do the test to see how I would fare.

Before I get to the result, it was the same regardless of if I used Traxy Thornfield or my legal name, so I guess it goes by your birthdate for comparison, rather than names. You can never be too sure with numerology, as there are different ways to calculate it.

Anyway. The result had me giggling excitedly:

Compatibility level: 100% - A natural fit that usually produces a very compatible relationship.

It's just a bit of fun, and nothing that should be taken seriously, but OMG OMG OMG, I got 100%! :D

Someone a lot less compatible

Here's the rest of the report in full:

Traxy Thornfield and Richard Armitage make up a creative couple, where Richard has the kind of creativity and sense of humor everybody loves, and Traxy the warmth and self-sacrificing love for the friends and family members that so easily wins hearts over.

They are probably a popular couple, with an active social life and a large circle of friends. Traxy has the innate ability to draw from others the kind of loyalty and devotion that lasts a lifetime. The master number 33 is often called the motherhood-, or fatherhood, number. Healing and comforting is second nature to Traxy, who will spread it around indiscriminately.
Hey, you make me sound like some sort of ... emotional hussy! ò.O

Richard - the number three is also a very giving and popular number, more playful and creative, but less grounded and disciplined, and the energy is less directed and more impulsive. Richard does not have a lot of patience dealing with emotional issues. So, Richard can be a great shoulder for people to cry on, as long as the crying does not last for more than about two minutes, probably because Richard's optimistic and lighthearted nature tends to expect from others the same elastic response to difficult times, which is so much part of Richard's make up.
Really? Still, crying on his shoulder for a couple of minutes doesn't sound half bad to me! Okay, perhaps not the crying part, but the shoulder definitely does.

Though invaluable, the energy Richard bring in is sometimes not enough. The 33 makes Traxy all heart. Traxy feels very strongly and very deeply, which can also cause her to be more affected by matters of the heart than Richard feels sensible.
"Stop being so soppy all the time!" he might say, and I'm so glad I have an understanding husband who doesn't just freak out when I start crying for very little reason.

Surprisingly, however, the most common pitfall is not the lack of emotional involvement native to Richard, but the possibly excessive emotional bonds experienced by Traxy. She has a tendency to become so involved with the well being of her loved ones that they may start feeling smothered. Traxy wants to do everything for everybody, and Richard can become disenchanted with that, since Richard needs space and freedom, and does not like to be guided and protected by anyone else.
 Lack of emotional involvement? Richard Armitage? Sounds a bit off, doesn't it? And I need space and freedom too!

It is important for Traxy not to try to take Richard under her wings, thereby making Richard feel that there is no room to move or air enough to breathe.
I think it's more likely it's the other way around, really, but hey. It's just a bit of fun. :)


  1. Well, you and I must be twins because I got the exact same result! The only difference is that your number is 33 and mine is 6 (well, 3+3 = 6 so no surprise!)

    So, who's gonna tell Richard that the search for a soul mate is over? I'll get on a plane to NZ this afternoon!

    ...he's mine, my preciousssss.....

  2. YAY!!! :D Congratulations Traxy!!!!
    I have 75% and I really like it:
    "Richard and J. get along very well. Richard likes the way J. acts and talks. J. has a wonderful time with Richard's wacky sense of humor and upbeat nature. It is a good combination that can last a lifetime." ;D

    Wonder who makes this kind of comments? :D

  3. Thank you for posting your results. I visited Fabo Laktuko's page as well and did the funny test ;o) (75%) What a funny treat. Thank you for recommending it!
    I think they calculate the birth dates, so the name is not important. I once got it explained, though I do not believe in the number system. It sounds as crazy as "you are the meaning of your name" to me.
    My number is 5 and is calculated like this:
    Today: 13.05.2011 = 1+3+0+5+2+0+1+1 = 13 = 1+3 = 4
    RA: 22.08.1971 = 2+2+0+8+1+9+7+1 = 30 = 3+0 = 3

  4. So you are a 33 and I am a 6 but I got the exact same reading as you did!
    I started a post about it until I read yours and than I realized we had almost exactly the same reaction! I went off on a tangent at the end though. My first attempt at fan fic?

  5. WOW!Congratulations on your result, my score 25% (and still don't believe that I did it) But all in all it was quite fun. Thanks for the recommendation:-)

  6. :/ I have to wait... for reincarnation with new date. :D

  7. I was 75% and I have to say that whatever the program was, it read my character like a book .... not sure about RA's except that there was an incident a couple of years ago where he had a "comment" to say about a topic that I unwittingly had started... and the numerology program described my reaction to that incident almost perfectly. A bit freaky really ...


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